The brief was to design a project catalogue showcasing the multiple industry sectors Architectus has successfully worked in over the years. It was decided early on that a wire-bound document would be ideal to allow future projects to be added over time. Additional benefits of wire bound documents include a reduction in overall cost and the ability to comfortably view pages as flat spreads without any detrimental harm to the quality of the spine. Therefore the challenge was to design a wire bound document that did justice to the quality of work it was showcasing.
Architects are self admittedly textile in nature so a black buckram stock was featured on an 8 page gatefold cover concealing the spine, creating a textured external aesthetic. The buckram was then mounted on 250gsm Mondi smooth stock featuring the Architectus yellow and an abstracted concept sketch by Design Director Elizabeth Watson Brown. By creating a cover with a juxtaposition of colour and texture the spine is subsequently transformed into a feature rather than a hindrance.
The internal pages are digitally printed on 120gsm EcoStar 100% recycled stock, reinforcing Architectus as a leader of sustainable design. The catalogue was also designed for tablet use.
The project was awarded a 2014 PICA Silver Medal for the self-promotion category.
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